Kelvin clip 1Z / 4 Z

for winding pins, cable spools and bolted connections

The Kelvin clipper 1Z/4Z is a robust two-pole measuring clipper connecting to cables, e.g. cable ends of cable spools, connecting and winding pins (transformers), as well as bolted connections and busbars in power engineering applications. It is designed for heavy-duty practical service.

With 2 Kelvin clippers, a 4-pole-contact is possible to determine the electrical resistance of the test object according to Kelvin independent of the resistance values of the feed cables, provided that the measuring instrument is designed accordingly.

Of course, the Kelvin clipper is not only suitable for resistance measurement, it can generally be used for low-resistance contacting. For example, it is used in our transformer measuring system MRC7000/PAW100 for transformation ratio measurements. Different Kelvin clipper designs are available, which mainly differ with regard to the size, the length and the type of the connected cable as well the plug used. The 4Z design features a start button to trigger off the connected measuring instrument, the 1Z design does not feature this function. The thickness and diameter ranges of the different test object connections are specified in the Technical Data. Please note that the clipper must be plugged on in the case of diameters > 25 mm. The Kelvin clipper 1Z / 4Z can be dismantled easily, the matrix elements serving for the contacting can be replaced. Further, special matrix designs can be supplied upon request.

Technical Data:

Front opening width> 25 mm
Contact width6 mm
Stromschienendicke1. . 25mm
Busbar thickness12.. 35 mm
Pin diameter12.. 25 mm
Cable diametersee pins
Contact pressure> 10 kp ( 100 N)
max. current50 A (clipper only)
max. current using standard plug20 A
Matrix / Handle materialhard brass / shock - resistant
Matrixspecial designs upon request
Start buttonwith 4 Z design
Dimensions250 x 95 x 25 mm (WxHxD)
Weightapprox. 600 g without cable

DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

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