Kelvin Clip K90

for wire connections, feeder and plates

The “small” Kelvin clipper K90 is designed to connect to free ends of windings and wire connections, busbars, feeders and plates. This small measuring clipper is of a twopole design so that a 4-pole connection of the test object according to Kelvin can be realised using two clippers, thus, any influence of the supply line and contact resistances on the result of a resistance measurement is avoided. Of course, you can also use the Kelvin clipper K90 for other measuring tasks, provided the max. allowable current is not exceeded.

The Kelvin clipper has a symmetrical design, i.e. there is no difference – as regards a resistance measurement between the current and voltage contacts, so that the user does not have to worry if the Kelvin clipper is reverse-connected to the wire or test object. Different Kelvin clipper designs are available, which mainly differ with regard to size, the length and the type of the connected cable as well as the plug(s) used. The design and the surface of the contact matrixes (standard: transverse grooves as protection against slipping off) can also be custom-made.

Technical Data:

Front opening widthca. 6mm
Contact width4mm
Matrix length15mm
Cable diametre0,3mm - 8mm
max. current1A
Matrix / Handle materialhard brass / shock-resistant plastic
Matrixspecial designs upon request
Dimension90 x 35 x 13mm (width x height x depth)

DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

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