Company Profile

The company SCHUETZ MESSTECHNIK GMBH was founded 1973 with the primary goal to develop high precision digital volt­meters. This under­taking successfully con­cluded with 5-1/2 digit high resolution and high accuracy instruments which were delivered among other institutes and companies to the PTB Braunschweig (Germany) for very special analyses.

A special version achieved more than 5000 measure­ments per second and re­presented the current state of technology at that time. It was used on Analog Computers by Telefunken Konstanz for analysing the results. These volt­meters were re­presented on the Hannover Trade Fair under the Label Telefunken.

The company take­over of OTTO WOLFF in Berlin, developer of Thomson-­Wheatstone Bridges for measure­ment of very low resistances and producer of very special coaxial precision shunts for Desy Hamburg and Cern Swiss with powers of some hundred watts, established a new sector of in­struments for resistance meters and lead to our main activity today.

Here our company mainly delivers instruments and equipment for the measure­ment on transformers, energy cables to main­tain the cross section as well as special products for the aero­space sector.

Added in the mean­time were special instruments for detecting the thick­ness of metallized plastic materials (EMC – purposes) and the surface resistance of metall sheets to detect the quality and clean­liness for proper e.g. welding of these materials.

In particular for develop­ment and re­search of fuel cells, lithium batteries and other re­charge­able and other recharge­able power packs serve special AC- and impuls current driven digital ohm­meters.

SCHUETZ MESSTECHNIK is a member of the Berlin-Brandenburg Aerospace Alliance.