High Accurate Resistance Measurements

MR 1012 S

For manufacturing control systems, 5 / 10 / 20 measurements per s.

Owing to its high measuring rate, its compact and robust design, ist accuracy and long-term stability, the digital ohmmeter MR1012S can be used in applications with high requirements concerning the measuring stability and reliability. This is guaranteed by the integrating measuring method according to the quotient principle, the compensation of all thermoelectric forces and other offset voltages, as well as the suppression of interference voltages in the measuring and data lines induced e.g. by HF.

The sophisticated recognition of contact errors at the holding device itself is one of the most important features, as it enables you to distinguish between such errors and actual defects of the test object. The corresponding error messages, as well as the actual defects of the test object are not only transferred to the control system, but also displayed clearly on the MR 1012S front panel.

The MR1012S features a 20mV limitation which can be connected / disconnected, in order to carry out dry measurements at contacts. Further an automatic measuring system is provided which is activated in case the value measured is below / above the measuring range. The instrument is also provided with an input protection against surges, which can occur during the measurement of inductive components, for example.

In this case the user can activate a measurement delay in order to give the measuring current which builds up slowly with an inductance the time required to become stable. All measuring conditions set are stored internally, and are preserved even when the MR1012S is switched off.

For this reason it is only necessary to program the instrument once via the RS232C interface, in order to operate the instrument with these parameters at manual measuring setups, with an industrial PLC system or via RS232C. The MR1012S has a resolution of 18000 steps, so that even in the worst case (i.e. the measured value requires step 18001 and the next higher range must be used) the measuring error is not affected noticeably.

The MR1012S is designed to be used within industrial and manufacturing control systems where high accuracy and remote controlled operation is strongly recommended. Furthermore, the easy to read front panel supports complete manual control making the MR1012S an ideal choice for laboratory use. The device can fully be remote controlled via a V24 RS232C or an IEEE-488 complianced interface. For manual control a footswitch can be connected (optional). A lot of ‘add-ons’ are available, e.g. special software for surface measurements, LCD-Display, AC-measurements.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

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