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featuring continuous measurement current up to 200 A

The MICRO-OHMMETER MR5-200C is used to determine electric resistances on very low – resistance objects (e. g. bus bars, any connectors) while using a very high, continous flowing measurement current. The MR5-200C is able to generate a stable maximum current up to 200 A.

Under normal conditions, the electric resistance can be determined using a much lower current. For example, our MICRO-OHMMETER MR300C-A has a 10A measurement current with a resolution of 10nW (10-8W). However, faulty connections can not be found this way, as a high current is needed to determine the dissipation causing unstable or rising measurement values on bad connections.

To perform this a high measurement current of the MR5- 200C can be generated constantly over longer periods. Additionally, the measurement values can be send to any PC based spreadsheet program e.g. EXCEL© using the integrated interface. Time based sending is also supported, e.g. when evaluating the dissipation, measurement values are sent via interface with one second time gap.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2008


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