Resistor RKS

Highly accurate calibration resistor

The calibration resistor type RKS is used to check the technical specifications of measuring bridges, ohmmeters, voltage divider circuits and current measurements by using voltage drop methods. The resistors are mounted in an aluminum case supporting 4-pole conector type outputs. Two connectors are used for measurement current line input, the other ones for measurement sense line connection. Standard banana plugs can be connected as well as open wire ends.
For different needs two different resistor materials are available:


Other values are possible by request.

Resistor RKS

Specifications of MANGANIN™ type resistor

Specific resistance0,43 µΩm
Thermal voltage against copper< 1 µV / Kelvin
Temperature coefficient± 0,001 % / K bei 15 °C bis 50 °C


Resistor RKS

Specifications of ZERANIN™ type resistor

Specific resistance0,43 µΩm
Thermal voltage against copper< 1,3 µV / Kelvin
Temperature coefficient± 0,0003 % / K at 20 °C to 70 °C
Stability± 0,05 at 70 °C and 2000 h

MANGANIN™ and ZERANIN™ are registered trademarks of Isabellenhütte Heussler GmbH, Dillenburg, Germany

DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

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