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Detecting the quality of carbon strips

The MR12SPX and its measuring probe are used for inspection and quality control of carbon strips of current collectors used by electrical powered trains, electric trams, trolley buses and similar vehicles. Here the current collectors are preferably roof mounted. Due to the often pairwise mounting of the carbon strips, there is little space between the lowered collectors. Therefore the measuring probe itself is very small. The design can be modified for your needs.

The measured variable is the electrical resistance in μΩ or mΩ between the aluminum fixing rail (bottom) and the conducting carbon layer (top). The measured resistance changes due to wearing of the carbon strip or not correct (conductive) bonding of carbon layer and fixing rail. Overload, incorrect bonding or other overstraining can cause separation or failure of the adhesive bonding.

Through the measuring principle and the special contacting the MR12SPX can achieve accurate and reproducible results, even if the aluminum fixing rail is very dirty due to
heavy wearing and flying sparks.

The equipment is battery powered and has a shoulder strap for easy carrying. The measurement values are internally stored and can later on be transfered to a PC.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

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