Material & Sheet Testers

MR 200 CSP – E

for thin conductive layers

The MR 200 CSP – E Micro-ohmmeter is a special design for the highprecision measurement of electrically conductive con-nections (bondings), conductive
layers, cables, plugs and similar test objects, used in particular in the aerospace industry.

It is the high-resistance variant of the Bounding Tester MRC100S-BD-3, in whose highest measuring range of 1.000 Ω measurements are still possible at 10 A (!), while the MR200CSP-E allows the measurement of 100,00 Ω at only 0.1 mA.

This makes it also fit for measuring thin, conductive layers, which might be destroyed if higher currents were used.

As a particular feature, the MR200CSP-E, like the BOUNDING TESTER, enables you to select different current levels in the individual ranges, which is not only necessary for performing different measuring tasks but also required by several international test regulations. Its thermoelectric force compensation, the quotient measurement, and the
testing of all contacts, voltages and currents during the measurement, make long-term stable and highly accurate measurements possible:

10 mΩ100 mA50 mA--
100 mΩ100 mA50 mA10 mA-
1 Ω100 mA50 mA10 mA1 A
10 Ω10 mA5 mA1 mA-
100 Ω1 mA0,5 mA0,1 mA-

DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

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