Transformatoren & Motore

MR 8050

for highly inductive Test Objects up to 800 MVA

With the MR 8050 resistances highly inductive Resistance Meters windings of transformers, motors and reactors can be measured. (range 100 µΩ with 0.01µΩ resolution up to 6 kΩ).

The performance of the test objects can be up to 800 MVA or even more. The magnetic loading of a transformer is performed quickly using a high loading voltage (60V). This is important for time critical measurements (cooling curves). The unloading of the transformers core is very fast, very safe, as the energy is total destroyed in the MR 8050.

The temperature of the test object can be preset or measured using a PT100 probe. The resistance is calculated for 20°C using the temperature coefficient for copper or aluminium. Heat-loss measurements with preset time intervals are possible. The resistance at t=0 (disconnection of load) is shown as result of the internal regression algorithm.

Two windings (mostly HV and LV) can be measured simultaneously in DUAL measuring method. The MR 8050 also features automatic tapchanger control for measuring different taps
without interrupting the measuring current.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

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