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Measurements of low resistance/inductive Objects

Accurate low resistance measurements can be handled with this battery driven MICRO-OHMMETER MR5-10BAT/IND. Measur-ing objects are fuses, bus bars, heating elements, circuit breakers, switch gears, relays as well as small inductive loads like motors, transformers, chokes etc.. The measuring object is connected due to the Kelvin/Thompson method with full 4 wire terminal connection. Current cable resistances are eliminated in this way.

The MR5-10BAT/IND allows positive, negative and alternating (automatic switching between both directions with average value) current direction to match best to the measuring situation. Even on single direction thermoelectric compensation is possible. A special current selection is for inductive loads with increased measuring time.

Eight ranges are standard together with an automatic range selection. Temperature compensation with a PT100 probe with different coefficients of the material is a build-in feature.
A thermoelectric printer is optional.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

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